PRCC Administration

PRCC Administration 2020-2021

Main: 787-721-6060
Postal Address:P.O. Box 364106, San Juan, PR 00936 - 4106
Physical Address: Miramar Plaza
954 Ponce de León Ave. Suite 406 - Fourth Floor
Miramar, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907

The President and Executive Director

The office of the Executive Director is the main source for any matter regarding this organization.  It offers the different departments information regarding the Strategic Plan, Goals, and Work Plan of the President.  Fax: 787-723-1891

Mr. Juan Carlos Agosto, President, Ext. 2209

Mr. Miguel L. Vargas-Jiménez, Executive Director, Ext. 2210

Legal and Legislative Services Department

The Legal and Legislative Matters Department has the important duty to represent the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce at the Legislature and Senate and at administrative entities in defense of its members and the entrepreneurial sector. It participates in public hearings related to measures that could affect the socioeconomic enviroment of the country.  In addition, it submits written memorials on diverse Law Projects

Mrs. Liza M. García Velez, Esq., Director, Ext. 2208

Marketing, Sales and Public Relations Department

The Marketing, Sales and Public Relations Department is responsible for generating income through two of its divisions:  New Members and Retention, and Member Services and Activities.  Both divisions are dedicated to sell products and services. Fax: 787-725-3808.

Mrs. Sandra González-Alicea, Director, Ext. 2225

Mrs. Flor Martínez, Sales Representative, Ext. 2241

Sra. Ana Nieves, Recepcionista, Ext. 0

Institutional Development (Service to Members)

The Institutional Development area is composed by Dr. Juanita Otero-Santana, Service to Members and New Members Officer. She provides the neccessary information to our members on the benefits and services the Institution has to offer. She is also responsible for promoting the PRCC publications. This division offers general information services on relocation, economy, tourism, real estate and statistics. 

Juanita Otero Santana, Psy.D, New Members and Retention Officer, Ext. 2200

Accounting and Finance Department

The Finance and Accounting Department is responsible for the general accounting of the Institution, budget, payroll, employee benefits, accounts payable and receivable and the financial health of the Institution. Fax: 787-723-9883. Fax Purchasing: 787-722-0460.

Mrs. Sharon Ferrer, Director, Ext. 2204

Mr. Iván Serrano-Maldonado, MBA, Coordinator, Ext. 2205

Institutional Events and General Services Departament

This Department has the responsibility of coordinating all institutional events of as well as the supervision of general services, maintenance, assemble and dismantle of equipments, materials purchasing and mailings.

Mr. Antonio De Los Santos-Tejada, Director, Ext. 2203